Молодая фотография

Мишель Мари Рой

Мишель Мари Рой
куратор, фотограф

Michelle Marie Roy is a photographer, independent curator, and video artist. Roy began her photographic studies at the University of Georgia’s School of Art. After earning her Bachelor of Fine Arts, she was an active member of the Atlanta Photography Group. She relocated to Stockholm, Sweden in 2001, where she continued her studies in art history at S?dert?rns h?gskola and then went on to earn her masters degree at Stockholm University in International Curating Management. While earning her degree, Roy worked extensively as a free-lance curator in both the fields of design and photography. In addition, Roy has worked as a critic for the international arts magazine, Art Papers as well as for the Swedish site Konsten.net. In 2009, Roy was appointed curator to Fotografiska, a new museum dedicated entirely to photography, and has since curated several critically acclaimed exhibitions.

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