Молодая фотография


Young photography

The Young photography is opened on-line project with international curators taking part, and big exhibition is shown as a result of curator’s choice.

We invite authors and experts to explore new trends and discover new names in Russian photography.

The Young photography began in 2007 and during its existence has opened more than 100 names in a new generation of Russian photography.

Young photography is an online platform for exploring images in the digital environment through the project #EverydayImages and other formats

FotoDepartament Foundation restarts the “Young photography” project. During the long break, we formed new strategies for the development and expansion of the project. The main intention of our project is to discover new names in contemporary Russian photography and to support young authors in order to enter the international field of photography and contemporary art.

We intend to create a communication field between photographers, researchers and curators within the Russian photographic community and beyond. Such cooperation helps to develope the contemporary artistic environment, where photography is a key, but not the only means of expressing and understanding of the visual field.

The new “Young Photography” —  is an exhibition, information and communication online platform for everyone who is interested in contemporary photography.

Thank you for being with the project all this time. We start new photography!


The exhibition format is not enough for understandig an Image in the modern world. Therefore, another focus for us was to work with digital media and streams. #EverydayImages — a new section of the project exploring the boundaries of the distribution and perception of images in the digital age.


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