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Projects: Aleksander Sedelnikov. Hackneyed Phrases

Aleksander Sedelnikov


Project: Hackneyed Phrases

I moved to Saint-Petersburg 3 years ago to continue studying and in search of better living. In this city I’ve found close friends and people who shared my ideas. I’ve learnt a lot, and my world view has changed.
My attitude to the city has also been changing. First l found it splendid and smart as any other tourist did. But little by little I felt seized by disappointment and sadness because of the misery and despondency that I saw here and there. Finally I felt embarrassed and confused about the people who lived here and believed in there city election and special mission. I needed to find a way to see Saint-Petersburg through its showy appearances.
That is why instead of paying attention to the facades and chaos on the streets I tried to find individuals who seemed to me attractive and repulsive at the same time. In my attempt to understand the city on the time I used to revert to on and the same places and people. Moskovsky Avenue is one of such places. This is the longest street of the city. But the major thing for me is that this avenue seems to take in the whole history of Petersburg. Several epochs go together in this street. I tried to investigate how people with their own life and feeling of time coexist in such place. This avenue helped me to examine how it feels to be a part of Saint-Petersburg at present time.


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