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Projects: Fedor Telkov. Maris

Projects: Fedor Telkov. Maris24 декабря 2010

Fedor Telkov


Project: Maris

Inhabitants of Mari villages Mari Karshis, Verhny Potam and Artimejkovo of Achitsky r thow Sverdlovsk area. As well as many villages, not managed to make transition from a collective farm to private, are on the verge of disappearance. Villages are based in the end of 19 centuries Maris were which aboriginals. In the south of the area, adjoining on the Bashkir republic there is a set of adjoining Tatar, Bashkir and Mari settlements. Traditions of the majority of them including are under the threat in connection with youth outflow in cities which in turn considers itself as “Russian”.


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