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Projects: Kirill Savchenkov. Twenty years old

Kirill Savchenkov


Project: Twenty years old

The university is almost behind now. All the obligations with military service are most probably worked out. There is enough time for careless life, but not enough responsibility to think about the future. So much time to go party and so much freedom to explore yourself. Some people remain at this age forever. For me it was the time to fully gain the experiences of tumultuous youth. The experiences upon which all my further life would stand. It’s the time when there is no problem buying alcohol and no one would grumble behind “he’s too you young to smoke” while you’re having an occasional cigarette. Guys get their bumps with bad habits and bad choices. But as you get older you get to know pretty well how much you can drink, how to safely get out of dangerous situations. You know whom you could beat up, how you can really love and how sincere you actually are. You understand the difference between a crush and a real love and can easily tell which one is happening to you. Finally, you realize how important it is not to lose those things that you have achieved. You are seeking to find the best in yourself and people around you and stick to it.
After you get through this time of stormy youth, you know who you are.

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