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YOUNG PHOTOGRAPHY 2010 2/2 exhibition. Time

The Foundation of informational and cultural programs “FotoDepartament”
with support of Committee for Culture of Saint-Petersburg
and BIKCIM Library of V.V. Maykovskiy /Centre of art and music on Nevsky pr., 20

The second season exhibition of 2010 of the program of supporting and development of young Russian photographers


December 10‘2010 – January 10‘ 2011

Big exhibition Hall of BIKCIM Library of V.V. Maykovskiy/
Centre of Art and Music on Nevsky pr., 20

Official opening: Friday, December 10 at 18.00
Project is running under official support of  Committee for Culture of Saint-Petersburg

Official partner of exhibition: “Jarkiy mir” company / http://www.yarkiy.ru/
The whole exhibition will be printed in Photocenter «Yarkiy Mir Pro» / pr. Stacheck, 5

Exhibition participants:

Alena Zhandarova / Ivanovo / “Cornflower tea and melting chocolate” project
Sergey Kozmin / Moscow / “Common place” project
Tatyana Palyga / Saint-Petersburg / “Colourless days” project
Jana Romanova / Saint-Petersburg / “People of the Land” project
Kirill Savchenkov / Moscow / “Ttwenty years” project
Aleksander Sedelnikov / Saint-Petersburg / “Hackneyed phrases” project
Fedor Telkov / Nizhniy Tagil / “Maris” project
Irina Yulyeva / Saint-Petersburg / “Provincial hopes” project

The Young Russian Photography project exists in format of opened on-line project with international curators taking part and two big exhibitions are shown in a year as a result of two seasons of curator‘s choice. In this December will be a fourth season of project. After announcement about new admission we received more than 300 applications from Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Ivanovo, Krasnodar, Novosibirsk, Cheboksary, Nizhniy Tagil, Perm and other cities.
About 200 projects was admitted by organizers after previewing and presented for curators. And then curators chose 8 participants for exhibition Time.
In exhibition will be present art and documentary series of photography. This is collection of small personal photographer’s exhibitions answering together on the Time’s questions. Multimedia programs will not present in this seasons because we received few works.

Theme: Time

Every moment of the time is unique. Only when you look back you can understand what it was exactly. A photographer can save something if he had time to realized, analyzed and took a picture. The main constituent of second season’s projects is a time. Time like a projection of the past, present and even future. We’ll see how the young generation defines themselves, everyday life, society, relationships, cities and country in whole. Can young people feel the present time? Is it interesting for them? What they think about around the world? This is another view on time. View from the side of today.

Curators of winter season 2010 2/2:
Vanessa Winship
, photographer, http://www.vanessawinship.com/projects.php, Great Britain
Ulrich Haas, curator of Backlight photography festival, Tampere / http://www.backlight.fi/ /,
Ekaterina Kondranina, curator, Moscow House of Photography, Moscow
Andrey Polikaniv, director of photography of the Russian Reporter Magazine, Moscow
Nadya Sherye, photography critic, curator, Saint-Petersburg.

Official websitehttp://www.youngphotography.ru/

About project:
Project “Young photography” is a unique program of long-term cooperation of FotoDepartament Foundation with young Russian photographers for who consider photography non-separate part of their lifes.

Since 2007 FotoDepartament has been holding a program of supporting and development of young Russian photographers. The program includes exhibitions of “Proper Noun” project, in which young photographers are presented by famous curators. Since 2009 the program exists in format of opened on-line project with international curators taking part and two big exhibitions are shown in a year as a result of two seasons of curator‘s choice.

More information and images for mass-media: press@fotodepartament.ru

Organizer of the project:
The Foundation of informational and cultural programs “FotoDepartament”
Saint-Petersburg, Nevsky pr., 32, tel/fax +7(812) 315‑5925
Coordinator of the project: Nadya Sheremetova/ info@youngphotography.ru

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