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Projects: Alena Zhandarova. Cornflower tea and concealing chocolate

Alena Zhandarova


Project: Cornflower tea and concealing chocolate

It’s a story about one girl, her attitude to life, time and space around.
Every photo have a different state, which in the end of the story create a new full picture.
It’s like a map, which help her not to forget, that every fear and every unperfect things is a little piece of herself.
And only when whe’ll understand and accept it, she’ll find her real way in the life.

This series is about the moment, it’s about what’s going on right now. About the uniqueness and value, the importance of each second. About the questions “Why?” and answers “because accidents are not accidental.”

There is always something happening around us. There are no unimportant moments.
Each of them teach us something, each of them leave something very important behind all of us. It’s like an artifact, that given by the keeper for the knowledge.

The smell of apples, the sound of dripping water, cornflower tea taste in a candy store of beloved city. Every moment.
This series – is only a microscopic part of me. My moments. My life. It is for me. It is my artifact. Embodiment of my strength, my ideas, my space.
It is amazing as well, that at the same time, the series is a mirror. It reflects your every experience, whether it is а fear of loneliness or feeling lost.

It is curious! Through the such a deeply personal and intimate project, you can cognize yourself, find yourself artifacts, and live by yourself moments, curiously wondering at every moment: “Do I really do what I want to do more than anything else in this planet?”


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