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Projects: Irina Yulieva. Russian youth

Irina Yulieva


Project: Russian youth

60 percent of Russian population resides in small towns, urban settlements and villages. The conditions are very different from those of the big cities — unemployment, lack of education, greater difficulties in social and communal area. All of that makes people to move into bigger cities.
While urbanization process is growing in Russia, most of the population is not involved. It’s especially hard for young people and the younger generation of the country.
Welfare aspirations not always lead to success. Children are full of dreams and illusions about their future. Then they get older, try to get an education and to find a proper job in more populated places. But few succeed, and as they themselves admit, the older they become, the less faith they have in themselves and their forces.

They quietly resign themselves with all the difficulties and challenges and become the inhabitants of that kind of Russia, in which i have an interest.
For me, there are two types of Russia, quite different from each other,  existing in parallel economic and social realities.
First type is a land of big cities. With modern economies, the constant influx of active and educated youth, the potential for highearnings, with a full-fed and in a way liberal population.
The second type is the country of villages, settlements, small towns. It lost a big part of active people, who even during the Soviet years went to large cities — to build up the industrial strength of the country. Today, regardless of political views, a big part of inhabitants of that second type of country feels defeated in their own country.
All pictures were taken in a small town Sabsk, which is placed in Saint Petersburg region, Russia. 2009- 2010.


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