Молодая фотография

About the project

Young Photography” is a unique program of long-term cooperation between the PhotoDepartment and young Russian photographers, for whom photography is an integral part of their life.

FotoDepartament Foundation restarts The “Young photography” Project. During the long break, we formed new strategies for the development and expansion of the project. The main intention of our project is to discover new names in contemporary Russian photography and to support young authors in order to enter the international field of photography and contemporary art.

Site dedicated to young Russian photography — www.youngphotography.ru — is an online platform where young authors from all over the country, have the opportunity to become a part of the developing artistic environment.

We intend to create a communication field between photographers, researchers and curators within the Russian photographic community and beyond. Blog section is one of the forms of such interaction, all those who want to reflect on modern photography are invited to participate.

The exhibition format is not enough for understandig an Image in the modern world. Therefore, another focus for us was to work with digital media and streams. #EverydayImages — a new section of the project exploring the boundaries of the distribution and perception of images in the digital age. Every day, one image is added to the online stream — the selected author becomes the author of the day. We have also expanded the formats of participation in the “Young Photography” — multimedia and Instagram projects are accepted.

The “Young photography” project  is not a competition or an award, it’s a study of the current state of young, emerging photograpy, the search, display and support of young Russian authors.

How it all started

Since 2007 FotoDepartament Foundation has been holding a program of supporting and development of young Russian photographers. Since 2009 the program exists in format of opened on-line project with international curators taking part and big exhibitions is shown as a result of curator’s choice.

From the very beginning the main goal of the project was to show photography as an art and as manifistation of authors point of view. We were always looking for photographers who are not depend on someone’s opinion or trends and has their own recognizable style.

FotoDepartament presents works of the young authors on Russian and international exhibitions and photo festivals, helps young photographers in finding financial support for their personal projects, to fill applications for international competitions and grants etc.

The first important result of our 5-years work was a big exhibition of Russian contemporary photography “Territories of Desire” during the International photo festival Backlight 2011.

Another exhibition “Place of dream” took place in September-November, 2011 in the Tampere Art Museum in Finland. Curators of the exhibition were Ulrich Haas-Pursiainen (Backlight) and Nadya Sheremetova (FotoDepartament).


FotoDepartament Foundation

Official support of the project:


Committee for Culture of Saint-Petersburg

Library of V.V. Maykovskogo/Centre of art and music on Nevsky, 20

Exhibition place:

Сreative cluster Taiga


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