Молодая фотография

Project: The zero trajectory

Anna Shutkina

2. “I‘m not up to the books. I dont‘t want anything. He had another one. She always calls him, writes. I’m losing my mind!“?5. “I have a strong feeling that there is someone else in forest and he is keeping watch over us! May be we should get out of here?”

10.  “Send me some “for memory”, I hadn‘t got the camera yet”.

15. “Some say that you need to walk in a cadboard box in winter. It‘s warmer in it!”

16. “ — I have not the last wish to talk to you!

- Do you think I have no chicks? If I only want any chick’ll be mine!?And you too”

19. “16 days up to the train — 18 up to the home.

9 days up to the train– 11 days up to the home.

5 days up to the train– 7 days up to the home.?a day up to the train — 3 up to the home!”


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