Молодая фотография

Project: If the volcano is sleeping

Ekaterina Vasilyeva

The Sublime is often understands as a scene where the  tension presents and there exists the possibility of an adventure. Scary views contrast with the beautiful pictures which as used ??to think, create a sense of harmony, symmetry and order. The Sublime  violates the rules of beauty but it excites the observer due to the fact which Schiller praised as “courageous mess.”
The Sublime in fact  is a passion and evokes an emotional response. It is a place where a drama presents but the drama stems partly from the scope of the phenomena represented in it. The word “Sublime” — in Greeks means “hypsos” (height).
But in the classical theories of the Sublime the essential aspect of its impact — not just related on syncope excitement felt by the audience but also paradoxically is a horror.
Volcano is a mountain formed by lava that rose from the Earth’s surface. When a volcano erupts the lava and ash build up forming a cone. Some of the eruption of volcanoes spew clouds of ash and gases, but other pour streams of red-hot lava that flow down the slopes.
At the end volcanoes die. The volcano that has not  erupted long time called a dormant one, although the risk of sudden eruptions always exists. When people believe that the volcano is finally died they call it an extinct one.
In my work I combine different layers of time, texts and photos, thinking about my own experience of meeting with the Sublime during climbing the mountains , and other people’s experiences that inspired them as well as turned out to be a tragedy.


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