Молодая фотография

project: Visible, unclear

Maria Rozhkova

Photography was the first optical medium to launch the process of production and replication of images: static at first, then moving and finally digital. Today digital technology has made the process of obtaining and transforming images so much easier. As a result photography was devaluated significantly both as a document and as an expression of a unique image. The perceived state of things is constructed by photography itself along with the other optical media. It’s the common trape. A child is fascinated by the movie, while the mother fastens the jacket on him. Doctor writes a prescription, but the patient no longer pays attention. Somebody is cooking dinner, revising notes, polishing a part. The characters are passive. Their bodies are locked in a tight picture frame, their faces are omitted and inexpressive.

The main visual element in my work is the smoke. Smoke leads to a certain lack in the image and simultaneously reveals the ability of photography to present reality in the richest of detail. It can only be seen like this through a technical eye of a tool, but not human eye. Scattered around the frame, the smoke is not visible to the characters, whereas it is obvious to an external viewer. I worked as the director. There were flashes, stage fog-machine, actors. It’s very suits my idea about fake reality. In a way every picture by itself is a shroud of smoke. And we can distinguish reality in it only if we are aware of the fact that the tools that capture, modify and reproduce images condition our vision. For me this project is an attempt to bring out the loss of clarity. The clarity of a direct view, which is not constrained by the optics of a thousand cameras.


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