Молодая фотография

project: my louis is not coming back to me

Petr Lovigin

Petr Lovigin creates the invented ”costarica” world laboriously, filling it with unfictitious heroes. One of them is young Louis Armstrong, and partly this series is a dedication to his song What a wonderful world.
Petr Lovigin about the project: “And when young Louis will get down on my invented and unearthly ”costarica” from the skies he as an archangel with a God pipe will play the best song for all heroes. And inhabitants of this marvellous country: the Wolf emerald-heart, Genius Dog, Sai Baba and giraffes around the church Pokrova-na-Nerly – they listen with rapture, how this world is wonderful. But they would know it, wouldn’t they?

And let today the cranes-origami, flying from his pipe and tied by a wire, will break forth on freedom, sooner or later. And then the wings will grow!



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